Long term health and performance

Unlock your potential and redefine your limits with us. Our trainers tailor workouts to your ability, ensuring you’re fit today and undeniably stronger tomorrow.

About us

Why choose StartFit?
Discover our unique edge

It’s our commitment to your health. We deliver effective, efficient workouts paired with nutritional guidance to help you reach your fitness peak.

Personalised Workouts

StartFit’s Expert Coaches are certified fitness pros dedicated to guiding you towards your health goals.

Cutting-edge Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to enhance your workout experience and fuel your progress.

Supportive Community

You’ll train alongside like-minded people who encourage and inspire each other towards their fitness goals.

6-step success:
Your fitness roadmap

We’ve developed a meticulously crafted, comprehensive six-step process that acts as your personal roadmap, guiding you steadily towards your fitness goals.


Personalised Fitness Assessment

We begin with a comprehensive understanding of your history, goals, and lifestyle. This holistic approach, encompassing habits and nutrition, ensure a tailor-made fitness journey just for you.


Basic Movement Assessments

In our assessments, we prioritise perfecting your techniques to ensure safe, effective training. Through meticulous movement evaluations, we facilitate the correct form, fostering long-term health.


Precision Body Composition Scan

Using the top-tier machine, we track your body. These regular, detailed scans become the guiding compass for our personalised fitness and nutrition strategies, continuously adapted to your body’s needs.


Adaptable Fitness Assessments

We cater to all levels, setting a baseline for tracking your progress. From beginners to advanced, our fitness assessments ensure visible, measurable improvements.


Personalised Programs & Consistent Support

With deep insight into your fitness profile, our coaches devise the perfect program for you. They offer unwavering support and drive you towards your goals.


Personalised Nutrition Guidance

Understanding your nutritional needs is vital for optimal health. We aim to help you discover the ideal nutrition plan for your unique needs and fitness goals for the future.

What People Say

StartFit didn’t just change my workout routine, it revolutionised my entire lifestyle. I’ve never felt stronger, healthier or happier!

Kate Williams

in Hove

Simple pricing

Minimal investment,
Maximum results

At StartFit, we believe in making fitness affordable. Enjoy high-value training experiences at incredibly competitive prices.

Starter Plan

Perfect for fitness newcomers, this plan eases you into the fitness world with personalised workouts, simple nutrition guidance, and a supportive community. Choose this for a gentle introduction to your fitness journey.


per month


2 training sessions per week


Basic nutrition guidance


Access to all group classes

Performance Plan

Ideal for those with some fitness background, this plan elevates your routine with personalised training, advanced nutrition advice, and progress tracking. Choose this to take your fitness to the next level.


per month


3 training sessions per week


Tailored nutrition advice


Access to all group classes


Monthly body composition scans

Elite Plan

Tailored for serious fitness enthusiasts or athletes, this comprehensive plan optimises your performance with an intense training regimen, highly personalised nutrition strategies, and precise progress tracking.


per month


5 training sessions per week


Personalised nutrition plans


Priority booking for all group classes


Bi-weekly body composition scans


Ongoing performance assessments

Not convinced? We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for all purchases. Try our product confidently; if you don’t like it, we’ll make it right.

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